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Comunita' per le libere attivita' culturali


The Cultural Workshop is opened an average of 11 hours a day and nearly 30.000 of young people are participating in our activities every year. The structure offers a wide range of opportunities for educational and cultural training, allows new working groups on specific subjects and supports local associations.

In the last 10 years the Cultural Workshop has developed a large number of activities:

  • Associated life: Around 30 associations find here a space where to express and develop themselves through public activities. The workshop often acts as a sponsor for new associations. Although it does not allow any political or confessional activities for its link with UNESCO and the C.L.A.C. regulation itself.
  • Associations included: ABI -Burundi-Italia Association, ADB -"Keen on Bikes", AFV -Veneto Philately Association , AI Amnesty International, AIG -Teachers of Geography Association, APA -Astrophile Association of Padova, APM Music Project Association, Collide Studies Centre, CISV -Children International Summer Villages, Padova Sommozzatori Club, Submarine Archeology and Marine Biology Section, UNESCO Club of Padova, CNEA -National Council for Environmental Education, Colli Euganei Defence Committee, Mura Committee, Elcerdoloco -Theatre and Animation Association, GME -Euganeo Mineralogical Group, Event Archeological Group, Astrophile Group of Padova, Esperanto Group, Speleological Group of CAI, la Tresca -Popular Dance Group, Artaud Workshop, Anthropology Workshop, LIPU -Italian League for Birds Protection, Consumer Movement, SCI -International Civil Service, Naturalist Society, Survival International.
  • Organization of: Congresses, exhibitions, courses, Astronomy and Educational activities (telescope, observatory).
  • Foreign Languages courses: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese. Art, Creation and Manual workshops: frescoes restoration, oil painting, printing and graphic design, Calligraphy, Xylography, Framing, etc.
  • Cultural and Environment Library of Veneto: Nearly 7000 volumes catalogued by Author (Italian system) and by contents (Dewey Decimal Classification), newspapers and magazines.
  • International Library for Children: Including a wide range of languages to introduce children in a World conception and in the knowledge of different cultures. Nearly 12.000 books for children of all ages.
  • Heritage Library (English Heritage Fund and UNESCO publications): Newspapers, texts, transparencies, methodological video tapes for the study and preservation of Cultural Heritage.